Tips for Kid Inventors

  1. Read books about Young Inventors and Inventing.  K.I.D. recommends Kids Inventing! A Handbook for Young Inventors by Susan Casey.  For more info:
  2. Keep a detailed Invention Journal for your brainstorms, notes, design drawings, etc.  Date each entry.
  3. Make a prototype or model of your invention.
  4. Do a patent search to make sure no one has already invented something too similar to your device or game.  Visit either the U.S. Patent Office Home Site or their Inventor Resources page:
  5. File a Provisional Patent Application:
  6. Enter your invention in school-sponsored science fairs, invention conventions and contests.
  7. Make your invention and sell it!  Or, license your invention patent to a company that will make and sell it for you.
  8. Have fun! 

why didn't I think of that


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