Links to Teacher’s Guides

101 Ways to Bug Your Parents
by Lee Wardlaw
Teacher's guide by Tracey Vaughn Zimmer

101 Ways to Bug Your Teacher
by Lee Wardlaw
Teacher's guide by Lee Wardlaw:
Teacher's Guide by Tracey Vaughn Zimmer

Benjamin Franklin – Teacher’s Guide from PBS
Lesson plans may be adapted for all ages


She’s Got It!: Women Inventors and Their Inspirations
Teacher’s Guide for Middle Schoolers
The Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention/Innovation
Smithsonian National Museum of American History


1001 Inventions:  Discover the Muslim Heritage in Our World
Teacher’s Pack for ages 11-16


Discovery Education: Inventors and Inventions

Grades K-5th

Grades 3rd-5th

Grades 6th-8th

Grades 5th-9th

Invention Convention:  How to Host One at Your School

Building a Rube Goldberg Machine
Teacher Tips

Classroom Connections – Invention Convention 5th Grade Kid Inventors/Science Fair Kits

Student Projects: Inventing is Kids stuff
Grades 4th-8th Lesson Plans on Inventive Thinking and Creativity


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